The key for a successful credit management is the hard knowledge of each stage of the process. BVI uses proprietary management software, live reporting and an experienced team to manage each stage of the credit recovery process. Below, the services associated for area:

Portfolio Management
  • Data Analysis
  • A dedicated team for each portfolio and individual investor
  • Continuous monitoring of collections
  • Preparation and evaluation of DPOs
  • Monitoring of the best resolution strategies
  • Monitoring and benchmark of the performance of individual portfolios
Loan Management
  • A single point of contact for our debtors to facilitate better communication
  • Evaluation and encouragement of out-of-court agreements with our debtors
  • Continuous training of our operators to identify new possible extra-judicial solutions
  • Monitoring of legal activities
Closing office is responsible for all processes following an out-of-court settlement or court proceedings relating to the monitoring of receipts, documentation requirements, notifications and other related formalities through the closure of the position.
Data Analysis
Bayview Italia uses its proprietary system to manage the non-performing loan recovery process. Through our team of analysts, Bayview Italia can produce reports to meet the needs of investors and measure the performance of the various portfolios.