Real Estate

Bayview Italia, through its affiliate BVI Real Estate manages real estate valuation and property management. A proper evaluation of an asset and of the reference real estate market is at the base of every business plan.

Therefore, BVI uses a network of independent consultants with proven real estate experience and specific knowledge in the various sectors of the discipline. Our brokers manage the assets on a national scale divided by specific areas and areas of the Italian territory. Some of their main activities are:

Technical Due Diligence
Our team of architects and engineers follows the whole procedure of asset analysis. A global knowledge of the asset is essential to find the strategy definition on the recovery and sale. Their main activities are:
  • Structural analysis and classification of the maintenance status of the asset
  • Property regularity checks
  • Identification of the regularization scenarios and related issues
  • Evaluation and classification within the reference market
Broker Network
  • Management and marketing on the free market of all types of real estate assets
  • Promotion of the assets at auction also through advertising on the major property portals and finding potential contractors
  • Publication of properties as collateral, aimed at the transfer of loans to potential specialized investors
3 strategy
BVI works with real estate-related vehicles (REO.CO) focused on the valorization of assets that come from the guarantees managed